Good news for our neighbors to the north - we’ve added Canadian shipping zones to our website!


Jeffrey’s plan for global domination still unfolds from the great beyond. We are proud to announce that our hay is now available in Hong Kong. You can find it at www.usagihousehk.com.


We have expanded the shipping area of our 10 pound box. If you live on the east side of the Mississippi River, you are in the new, larger shipping area!


In the coming weeks/months, we will be phasing in smaller sized boxes. The 10 pound, 7 pound, and 5 pound boxes will remain the same weight, but we will be stuffing smaller boxes with hay.

This will be beneficial in several ways:

1. There will be more hay and less box when we measure the respective weight of each package. More hay for bun-buns!

2. Packages will be more easily handled and stored for both customer and postal carrier. Easier to hide from clever buns!

3. We will be using less cardboard. We have always been conscious of our impact on the environment. We like the idea of less waste. Please recycle though! We like to build bunny condominiums out of our cardboard boxes!

4. Smaller packaging should help combat the ever increasing cost of shipping. The USPS has increased shipping rates at the beginning of the last two years. We really don’t want them to price any bunnies out of their hay!

As soon as we use up the rest of our box inventory over the next few months, we will be implementing our plan. So be on the lookout for our new, more compact boxes


Hello Friends! Just a heads-up to our customers that order alfalfa hay; we have a new farmer, and our new alfalfa is quite different. It’s very green, very rich and much more pure (as opposed to a blend). For baby bunnies, this will be fine to use. If you have an elderly or adult bunny with higher caloric needs, you may consider mixing this with another hay. A 50/50 mixture is suitable, as long as your rabbits pellets are not alfalfa based. On a side note: all 5 of our rabbits went bonkers at taste-testing time! You may consider giving a very small handful of alfalfa in place of another treat. We offer sample sized bags that would be perfect for this purpose. Thanks everyone!


Good day, bunny people! The USPS has raised their rates again. In some cases, it will cost $5 more to ship a single box. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to charge more on the shipping end of our packages. Our prices have standard shipping included. Please know that we are not raising the price of the products themselves, but accommodating for a large spike in shipping rates. The new prices will be reflected on our website in the next several days. We are disappointed with the rate increase, however we hope we can continue to provide your bunnies with delicious hay from One Ear Up.


It's finally time to bid adieu to our popular Solstice blend. If your rabbit prefers the softer and finer hays, this year's harvest of Meadow Medley will be a great replacement!


After much deliberation, we have decided that we will be discontinuing our Solstice Blend. This year's harvest is considerably different than least year's, and although our rabbits initially liked the new variety, they are now turning their noses up at it. We don't believe in selling any hay that our rabbits are not excited about. So, as soon as we use up the remaining bales of last year's Solstice Blend, we will be saying goodbye to it. If we do find a suitable replacement for our beloved Solstice Blend in the near future, we will consider keeping it on the menu, but for now, it is on the chopping block. If your rabbit is eating our Solstice Blend exclusively, or if you are a hay subscription holder that has Solstice Blend in your recurring order, please contact us so we can find a suitable replacement for your bun(s) over the next few months.


It's back! Fresh from the fields at the One Ear Up headquarters, we now have dried mint to add into your rabbit's hay! A small handful crumbled in your bun's hay (about 1/2 ounce per lb.) will increase interest and rummaging fun. Treat your bunnies today… once summer is gone, the mint will be too!


Our 1st Cut Jeffrey's Joy is very popular and going quickly. We are now listing it in our hay menu as a "Limited Supply". Be sure to get your order in for it over the next few days if you want to get your hands on some. First harvest is right around the corner here in Vermont and we should have plenty of 1st Cut Jeffrey's Joy toward the end of June/ beginning of July. Have a great spring weekend everyone!


Introducing "Jeffrey's Joy". Our late bun, Jeffrey was a very particular girl, and we believe she would have loved this hay. We named this blend after her as a tribute and hope that opinionated rabbits everywhere will enjoy her namesake. This hay is a thick but soft, 2nd cut timothy with meadow grass and a touch of dandelion and clover. The organic farmers that grew it were meticulous in their methods to ensure optimum moisture content and minimal dust. We think any discerning rabbits, like Jeffrey, will take a strong liking to "Jeffrey's Joy". 


Great news everybody! We have added a subscription page to our website! Save time and money with our new Hay Subscriptions. You can choose your plan and customize it just how you and your buns like it. Our recurring plans offer the convenience of paying as you go, just before each order gets shipped. The price of each package you order on the recurring plan has been reduced by 5%. The Pre-Paid Plans save you 10%. Which is like getting a free box every tenth delivery! If you don't see what you need for a subscription plan, please contact us, and we will do our best to customize a plan for you and add it to the subscription menu. 

Bon appétit, bun buns!


Hello Bunny People! We're sorry to say that the USPS has increased postage rates dramatically, across the board over the weekend. We have been absorbing a large portion of shipping costs for many of our customers across the country, and will continue to do so, but we are unable to absorb the amount of this sudden increase. Sadly, we will be having to add the postage increase to the total prices of our packages. Understand that our hay pricing has not increased, only the amount we need to charge for shipping. The amount that we charge for shipping will be listed in the heading of each item in our shop as always, along with the price of the hay itself. On the brighter side, we recently started offering our pre-paid hay subscription service! This option can save you 10% off your purchase price when scheduling a minimum of 10 deliveries. If you are interested in saving money, especially in lieu of rising postage rates, and saving time, by not having to get on the Internet every few weeks to place an order, the pre-paid hay subscription may be for you. Contact us to set up your hay subscription today.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We wanted to let you know that we now offer the option of receiving your hay in plastic in any of our boxes that are 5 pounds or larger, if you prefer it over our butcher paper. We don't recommend storing your hay in the plastic though, as your hay should ideally be able to breathe a bit. The plastic does help separate the hay blends within the 50/50, 4 Corners, and the Multi-Boxes, and may help keep the hay protected if the USPS damages your shipment. If you decide you would prefer plastic, just let us know along with your hay selection.


Hi folks! We wanted to let you know that we have completely run out of our House Blend and have removed it from the website. It was a great run for that particular harvest, but it is now gone forever. We hope everyone had enough time to sufficiently wean their buns to another blend as to not interrupt their hay intake. The House Blend was somewhat unique in its texture and smell, our Solstice Blend is probably the closest nutritionally and texturally, and our Orchard Mix, probably comes closest to its sweet aroma. We are very excited about the freshly harvested hay we have added or resupplied on our Hay Menu this year and hope that your buns will continue to enjoy our Certified Organic First Cut Timothy, Certified Organic Second Cut Timothy, Certified Organic Orchard Mix, Certified Organic Meadow Medley, and our new Solstice Blend. For a description of each our hay blends please visit our Hay Menu. Thank you everyone! 


Hi everyone! We have stocked up for the winter and hope we have enough of each blend to get everyone through until next harvest season. Some blends will be easier to get ahold of than others, but we've stocked a little more of those that are harder to get. We will continue to offer new hay blends that meet The One Ear Up Quality Control Team's standards as they become available. Keep in mind that we are running quite low on our House Blend and we suggest weaning your bun toward another blend, as that will become unavailable as soon as it's gone. If you haven't tried any of our newer blends yet, (Certified Organic Meadow Medley, Certified Organic Second Cut Timothy, Certified Organic First Cut Timothy, and Solstice Blend) they come highly recommended from some particularly finicky rabbits. Everything that we have stocked recently is from this season and harvested within the last few months. Bon appetité little bun buns!


We've just replenished our supply of our über popular Certified Organic Orchard Mix! Freshly harvested and ready to be devoured by the most finicky buns everywhere.


Good morning everyone. We are officially out of our Certified Organic June/Brome Grass. Don't fret though, our Certified Organic Meadow Medley is both nutritionally, texturally, and aromatically the equivalent of the June/Brome. Not to mention, it was recently harvested in the past few months. If your buns loved the June/Brome, they'll love the Meadow Medley as much or more! We wanted to remind everyone that our House Blend is going fast too. If your bun is eating our House Blend exclusively, now is the time to start weaning them in another direction. We recommend our Solstice Blend as a replacement to our House Blend. Our Solstice Blend is freshly harvested with similar texture, fragrant aroma, and contains many of the same grasses as our House Blend. It comes very highly recommended by our Quality Control Team. Also, our Quality Control Team recently put the kibosh on our Alfalfa Mix. They decided they were not interested in it any longer and told us to remove it from our Hay Menu. We will be keeping an eye out for a new alfalfa hay that meets their stringent quality standards and let you know if/when we find one. 


We wanted to give everyone a heads up that orders our House Blend, that we are running low on the wonderful stuff and that particular harvest will be lost in the annals of time forever. If you have a bun that eats our House Blend exclusively, you may want to stock up now and start slowly weaning them over to another hay. We recommend our Solstice Blend as a nutritional equal. It was freshly harvested a few weeks ago and is a nice mix of Timothy and other flat field grasses from right here in The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Variety is usually exciting for a bun, and we encourage everyone to mix it up with either our Mix-n-Match Boxes or our new 5lb. 50/50 Box. Or, if you are unsure what your little ones may take to, you can order The One Ear Up Sampler with 3 samples of your choosing and an order of Apple Chew Twigs to test the waters. We will continue to scour the state of Vermont to find the very best hay available for rabbits, and everything we sell will always be picky bun approved by our very own house rabbit family! 


We wanted to let everyone know that we are down to about 80 pounds of our Certified Organic June/Brome Mix. That particular harvest is gone, but if your bun is extremely finicky and partial to that mix, we recommend getting in your orders before we run out. The good news is that our new Certified Organic Meadow Medley, is a very good substitute for the June/Brome both nutritionally and taste wise. Anyone that is placing an order for June/Brome will receive a free sample of our Meadow Medley to make sure their buns can make the transition. Thank you everyone, have a great day!


It is harvest time here in Vermont! We will be very proactive in shopping for our finicky buns over the next weeks/months and are hoping to add as many items as pass their stringent taste tests! Be on the lookout for new One Ear Up hay blends being added to the Hay Menu very shortly!


Good morning everyone, we have exciting news! We have just added Certified Organic June/Brome Grass to our Hay Menu. Direct from the lush meadows of Central Vermont, this blend adds variety and interest to your rabbit's hay buffet! A nutritional equal to Timothy hay, this is a good blend for bunny parents that have been cursed with hay allergies. This finer strand hay contains protein and calcium levels appropriate for use as a maintenance hay for adult rabbits. And as always, an enthusiastic stamp of approval has been given by our Quality Control Team. Variety is the spice of life, and we are definitely trying to spice things up for your finicky buns!


We have a couple of updates this morning. We just got off the phone with our Certified Organic Timothy Blend farmer and he informed us that, because of the very long winter, he can’t sell anymore of his wonderful hay to us until harvest time in mid July or early August. (He has his 15 Holsteins to feed.) We may, or may not have enough Certified Organic Blend to last until the new harvest. If your rabbits are eating this blend exclusively, we recommend getting your orders in and stocking up, or diversifying your buns diet a bit with some of our other tasty blends till harvest time. 

Also, we are finishing up our Rabbit Rabbit pellet and hay toppers promotion and are out of free samples to give away with our One Ear Up sampler. If you order one today, you may still get some samples before they are gone. 

We hope everyone’s buns who participated in the last Hay Challenge enjoyed their free samples, and as always, keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more opportunities to enter frequent and fun giveaways. 



Hello everybody! I just wanted to take a second to address some dissatisfaction we've been having with the Standard Post or Parcel Select service we are cornered into using for certain areas of the country. Some of our customers have brought it to our attention that their shipments have been  either damaged, or have been arriving well past their "expected delivery date". It doesn't happen that often, but if you do experience your parcel being excessively late or damaged to the point of compromising the quality of your bunnies delicious delivery, please contact us so that we may replace your package. The 2-8 business day delivery time that we ask our customers to allow for delivery, is an estimate given directly from the USPS. We can't offer a guarantee for delivery time or against excessive damage during shipping because these variables remain beyond our control. What we can offer, is to replace packages that have been severely damaged or appear to be lost by the USPS. So, please track your packages and understand that the "expected delivery date" given by the post office is their estimate of when your package should be delivered. If it goes more than a few days beyond that "estimated delivery date", or your package arrives severely damaged, please contact us. 

Please understand that if we don't utilize Standard Post, we will not be able to ship affordably to certain parts of the country, or include the cost of shipping in our prices. We would have to go back to charging everyone individually for shipping which would raise prices dramatically for a large portion of people. We do offer expedited shipping at checkout for those who wish to pay for the upgraded service. If you live in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, Virginia or the Cleveland area, you are already getting Priority Mail service and will not need to upgrade. If you live in other shipping regions please plan ahead because your delivery may take longer.

We continue to learn as we grow and still hope that we become formidable enough to negotiate better shipping arrangements in the future. It continues to be our goal to make our fantastic Vermont hay blends as accessible as possible to any bunny parents who wish to spoil their house rabbits.


Did you know that, technically, no hay is "fresh"? By definition hay is dried grass. Hay is dried, and therefore preserved, within days of harvesting. Once the moisture content of the hay has matched the moisture content of the air that surrounds it, it stabilizes and, if stored properly, it does not dry any further. It is not uncommon for ranchers and farmers to feed their horses timothy hay that has been stored for years in the loft of their barns, and horses have been known to be as finicky about their hay as rabbits can be! The key is starting with a good quality, nutrient rich field to harvest and then storing what is harvested from that field properly. Hay should not lose any of its nutritional value or flavor if kept in a dry, shaded and well ventilated area. Hay should also not brown any further after harvest if stored properly and kept away from prolonged, direct sunlight. The quality of your bunny's hay is mostly determined by how nutrient rich the field it was grown in was. The next determining factor would be when it was harvested. The last factor, would then be how it is stored. It is highly unusual for hay to start out as high quality and then deteriorate to low quality, unless it is being severely mishandled and stored improperly. 

If your rabbit has lost interest in eating its hay, it may simply be bored and need some variety or, you may have gotten a bad batch of hay. To keep your bun interested, if not downright excited about their hay, start with high quality hay and make sure you store it properly. If you can find a variety of high quality hays to rotate for your bun, that's even better! We just happen to know where you can find some seriously high quality hay that was hand selected and then tested by a quality control team of finicky rabbits!


We've been at it again, and have enhanced our shipping once more. You can now expedite your shipping if you want at checkout by selecting USPS Priority Mail. Most customers near us get Priority Shipping either way and therefore have their deliveries within 1-3 days. If you live outside of our immediate shipping area and would like to pay for the expedient delivery of your order, you now have that option! Of course you can still choose the "free" option as well, and these shipments take approximately 2-8 business days to arrive, depending how far away you are. It was brought to our attention that some shipping methods can take over three weeks to get to Hawaii! We hope that by giving people a faster shipping option if they need it, it will help prevent any unnecessary lapse in their finicky bun's hay consumption. We thank everyone for their feedback, as it helps us tailor our business and attempt to meet everyone's needs as well as we are able.  We'd also like to thank everyone who has left us a review on our Facebook page here:


We truly appreciate your kind words! Have a great day everyone!



Great news, everyone! We have revised our price structure to absorb shipping costs and all prices now include shipping!

As many of you know, we have been struggling with ways to deal with the exorbitant expense of shipping to various parts of the country since opening in January. After 2 months of research and contemplation, we have devised a new plan that we feel better suits our design to get our wonderful Vermont hay blends to as many house rabbits as we can spoil! 

Here is how it works:

We have added the lowest shipping rates (shipping rates from our area of the country) into the price of each item and by doing so, have leveled out the cost for every shipping area. We will also have one price for all of our Vermont hay blends. Our scrumptious House Blend, Certified Organic Blend, Certified Organic Orchard Mix and the new Certified Organic Alfalfa Mixes will all be the same price per pound. You simply select the size you want, and then select the type of hay/hays you want. 

Everyone pays the same price, and that price includes shipping anywhere in the country. 

Everyone in our area of the country (the Northeast) will be paying about the same (or less) as they were before on our small and medium sized packages, we have simply added your shipping costs to the purchase price. You will actually be paying $5-10 less to have our large 10lb box delivered to your door! We have accomplished this by limiting the shipping area for that item. Due to excessive shipping costs the 10lb box will only ship to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Maryland, Viginia and Cleveland. (Cleveland? I know, weird right?) We will continue to add cities as affordable anomalies appear.

As for all other areas of the country, if you want to order 10lbs of hay, you can now get it delivered about $10-$15 cheaper than you could previously by placing an order for two 5lb boxes. We have effectively lowered the total cost of all items that were subject to excessive shipping rates due to their shipping zones. 

We will continue to integrate new ideas, systems and products into the website as we grow and learn. We want our hay to be as accessible as possible to rabbit lovers that desire to provide high quality hay for their finicky house rabbits. We think this new pricing structure is way more inclusive!